LastForestWalker's vision

Here is something else I found on YouTube, looks like New Forest is really acting up. He writes in his description: "This is my best effort at a rendition of what I saw in New Forest last month. It looked as though the trees were bending and weaving into one another--I was NOT on drugs, not that night. Has anyone seen anything like this? If so let me know."

Putting out the word...

Larka and Starla

These girls, well, we don't know exactly what they saw. But they have a very strong vision of who they are in relation to the Maidens. These guys believe that they are clones of the original Maiden, and were sent to earth (as she was) in the form of a lightning bolt. They feel like the Maiden is a figure from the future that represents the ghosts of all things that have died. Here's some of their work trying to describe their origins (and how did I get in there??):

New Forest in danger??

I saw this stretch of New Forest the other day while walking---what do these numbers mean? Somebody tells me that these may be marked for cutting. If anyone knows tell me!

My days, now numbered trees, grow spare.
The gods waste us to our delight
--David Livewell.


saw this in a gallery last month...

The artist says she heard these words in New Forest, coming from behind the trees. It's a stencil on the wall using charcoal that she hand-made from burned virgin forest in the lower 48. It says:

"And I twist and I turn in this feeling of nature
My portion of hope is this feeling of nature
My joy and my fear is this feeling of nature
I radiate gloom in this feeling of nature
My light and my shade is this feeling of nature
I'm sprouting and shitting this feeling of nature
I'm lost in the ecstatic feeling of nature
I'm vivid and veiled in this feeling of nature".

Sounds like it's about dying to me. Or maybe losing oneself in something bigger. hmmm...its title is HECATE

mushroom lightning over New Forest

Okay, so I found this video, and I contacted the guy that posted it, and I almost sh*t my Underoos when he told me that he took this a couple of years ago at New Forest!!? Freaky- the same place as my dream!

Another dream

This guy saw a white figure too--much bigger??


last post of the first day

"O Attic shape! fair attitude! with brede
Of marble men and maidens overwrought,
With forest branches and the trodden weed;
Thou, silent form! dost tease us out of thought
As doth eternity: Cold Pastoral!"

John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn

who are the Maidens?

I've been trying to figure that out for, how long?? Feels like all my life by now. But it's just beginning, and I'm just glad to feel like I'm FINALLY part of something--something important. I think it's about time that nature started talking back to us in a big way, ya know? We've only got this one Forest left---and it's calling us. That's where the Maidens come in...we're not all seeing the same things, but somehow we know they are connected, that they, THE MAIDENS OF THE COSMIC BODY RUNNING, have something to tell us. I'm making it my personal goal to collect all the stories, and see how they weave together. Nature never makes things easy. Where's my emoticon when I need it??!

another image from Chase

This image is what prompted me to begin this blog. I was amazed at the resemblance to my own dream-?? He wrote me that it's about bilocation, something he feels when he's in the New Forest. Like he feels like there are two of him. Need to check this out.

the place

This drawing was sent to me by Chase. He didn't explain, but I think it's where he saw the Maidens--that's what everyone is calling them.

my dream of New Forest

I had this awesome dream several months ago, it was so haunting and real. This is as close as I could get to what it felt like--kinda random but here it is.

I had NO idea other people were seeing the same thing.